Sitar Guitar Song. ‘Dream On Dreamer’

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Uploaded on July 28, 2008 by Sanjeeb2

Mark Mowry – Vocals and Guitar.
Sanjeeb Sircar – Sitar.

A song composed and written by songwriter/musician
Mark Mowry from his life experiences.

In Mark's own words…..

"The melody and most of the words to this song came to me almost 20 years ago, but at that time I lacked the musical skills to bring it forth as a whole. I had pretty much forgotten about it, but then a couple of years ago it was as if someone had dropped it into my lap.
In Ecclesiastes 5:3 in the Bible it says, "For the dream comes through much effort." I see the culmination of a dream through an enduring effort on my part and, moreover, God's faithfulness to fulfill our dreams and desires. Isn't God the creator of our dreams, after all?”

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