ALDE Public Hearing on "EU Legislation on CO2 and Cars"

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Video summary of the ALDE Public Hearing on "EU legislation on CO2 and cars"

Event date: 31/01/07 16:30 to 19:30
Location: European Parliament, Brussels

It is now clear that the voluntary commitments made by the car industry to attain a level of 140g CO2/km for their fleet of new passenger cars sold in the EU by the year 2008/2009 will not be achieved by most car makers. The intervention of the EU legislator appears necessary to regulate the emissions of CO2 from road vehicles. As the Commission is due to publish a review of EU strategy to reduce CO2 emissions from passenger cars, it is the right time to extend the discussion in the light of recent technological developments, and of the legislation adopted by the State of California.

This public hearing, co-organised by Chris Davies MEP and Antonyia Parvanova MEP, will try to address issues such as the need for a supply side policy at the EU level, the technical feasibility of policy targets concerning reduction of CO2 emissions by new cars, and the Commission strategy to reduce CO2 emissions from passenger cars and the further steps to be taken to address the problem.

MEP's Concerned:
Chris Davies, Antonyia Parvanova

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