Zuko's Eternity

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Uploaded on July 30, 2008 by uanime5

My 3rd AvMV (Avatar Music Video) is about the relationship between Zuko and Azula. The series is 'Avatar', while the song is 'What is Eternal' from the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Beethovan's Last Night. In this AvMV Zuko represents Beethovan who is regretting everything he's done (after being told by Mephistopheles (played by Azula) that he is about to die and go to hell (Ozai represents death)). The scenes with a white frame around them represent Zuko's memories, while those without the white frame represent the present. Azula's appearence at the end represents the reappearence of Mephistopheles and that Zuko now has to make a choice.

I chose this song because it reflects how troubled Zuko was after regaining his honour by betraying his uncle and his regrets about his actions in life.

Though I was planning to use the full song and have Iroh represent God (who Zuko would seek salvation from) I couldn't find any good clips to represent the last part of the song, so I ended it part way through.

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