ALDE Conference on Voluntary Service


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Video summary of the ALDE Conference on "Shaping policy for voluntary service through research"

Event date: 13/06/07 14:30 to 18:00
Location: Room ASP A3G3, European Parliament, Brussels

The conference will focus on research in the field of volunteering and voluntary service, and aims at answering a few of the following questions:

* why do we need research in the field of voluntary service ?
* what is the impact of voluntary service on the volunteer and the hosting community, and how could we measure it ?
* how does volunteering differ in Europe and in Africa ?
* can young immigrants participate in voluntary service projects in Europe ? If not, why not ?

To answer these and more questions there will be interventions from researchers from Europe and Sounth Africa, the European Commission and the United Nations Volunteers.

MEP's Concerned:
Marian Harkin

For more information
Mc Laughlin Guillaume - Tel: +32 2 283 20 36

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