A Few Too Many? – Vintage Teenage Drunk Driving Film

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Tom used to play tennis, go bowling, and was an avid hunter. But Tom will never do any of those activities again because he has lost his leg in a car accident. Worst of all, his friend and passenger, Jim, is still in the operating room in the hospital. Tom has always been a cocky driver; and he had never been in any accidents before. When coming home from hunting trips exhausted and sleepy, or driving under the influence, Tom has always managed to escape without incident. Until now. Few Too Many is a classic dangers of drunk driving video that seeks to prevent drunk driving. Many people are affected by alcohol at as little as 0.05% blood alcohol concentration and all are affected at 0.1% BAC. Drunk driving statistics punctuate the often penetrating footage of horrible drunk driving accidents. Tom's story is not unique, and discussion of why teenagers drunk drive is an important part of the film. Some interesting cultural perspectives are illuminated, such as how alcohol abuse was thought of completely differently in the mid 20th century. At the time of this film, the idea of drinking was strongly tied together with the common idea of a man in America. Men were expected to hunt, bowl, and play sports - while drinking. So instead of changing this strongly held idea, Few Too Many seeks to lessen the danger: less drinking (not abstaining), safer driving and good judgment.

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