How to Reset SRS Airbag Indicator Light

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Uploaded on August 02, 2008 by melkilockhart

This tutorial was made using a Honda civic 2003 LX, but it also works in the following cars:

97 Acura CL
98 Acura CL
01 Acura CL-S
03 Acura CL
96 Acura Integra LS
97 Acura Integra
98 Acura Integra GSR
99 Acura Integra GS
00 Acura Integra GSR
01 Acura MDX
00 Acura TL
02 Acura TL
03 Acura TL S-Series
94 Honda Civic EX
95 Honda Civic DX
96 Honda Civic DX
96 Honda Civic EX
97 Honda Civic LX
97 Honda Civic EX
99 Honda Civic EX
99 Honda Civic DX
00 Honda Civic Si
01 Honda Civic LX
01 Honda Civic EX
02 Honda Civic EX
02 Honda Civic SS
03 Honda Civic LX
04 Honda Civic EX
04 Honda Civic VP
05 Honda Civic
86 Honda Accord LX
95 Honda Accord
96 Honda Accord
96 Honda Accord (Euro)
97 Honda Accord EX
98 Honda Accord
99 Honda Accord
00 Honda Accord EX
00 Honda Accord LX
00 Honda Accord SE
01 Honda Accord EX
02 Honda Accord EX
03 Honda Accord
98 Honda CR-V EX
98 Honda CR-V LX
99 Honda CR-V
00 Honda CR-V
02 Honda CR-V
04 Honda CR-V EX
94 Honda Del Sol
95 Honda Del Sol S
99 Honda Odyssey
01 Honda Odyssey EX
02 Honda Odyssey EX
03 Honda Pilot
Honda Element

The only difference is that the MES connector in this car was plugged into the side of the Fuse Box located under the steering wheel, near to the hood release latch and the connector is yellow, some peoples says that they had a green connector located near the hood release latch.

Check this site for any additional information:
The information webpage site wasn’t made by me.

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