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Cynthia Styrgon, the 20 old years beauty crow to the hair, examined his watch for the third time in the last one five minutes. Just as before she did not like that she saw. She heavily sighed and looked at the faces on his paper for nevertheless another time, although she did not see them really more. Its thoughts went to the marriage that was planned for today, and the Fact that she would arrive late if the things did not press. The delay was to be foreseen but that did not mean that she had as him, since she was the honor girl for his Veronica of friend. Again Cynthia looked at behind her. Two rows support of her was William, his friend of Penny of sister, calm contemplating his examination of and maths always very nervous. It had evidently more boredom with the examination they took than she was -- and most of the others in this piece, that was failed to desert since there were just some minutes left. Cynthia smiled of an air encouraging in the direction of William, but it concentrated so strong to notice. It was not stupid, far of him, but the maths were not his more subject fort to all. It would always obtain a good degree, she knew, it was prudent just and used therefore the whole time they obtained. Cynthia sighed. Well, it would have the bend his test in soon. Its thoughts diverted towards the marriage again. At least she had his dress on already, to the leisures. It was a strange piece to take an examination of maths in definite such a dress, but this manner they would attain the a lot preceding church -- and just in the time, even if William wrote until the last meticulous one, as usual. Also definitely dressed, William had joked of their problems of clothing before the examination, of course, wondering why the marriage was not done nude. That everyone would save a lot of times, and it was the National Nude Day after all! Cynthia had reddened and had threatened to hit it with the maths reserves if it suggested that to the marriage. The friend of penny was simply sassy! The voice of Dr. Jones interrupted its thoughts, declaring the examination end. At last! Cynthia jumped of his chair and went to Dr. Jones' the office, putting back his examination with most of the others students remaining. While these few one that had been left in the piece left chatting on the questions, the honor girl to be return strode towards William that put hurriedly the last responses on its papers before it have left his pencil decrease in the exhaustion. Cynthia smiled. "The haste in top, book your test. We will have the race to be in the time. Penny will await us outside already"! she urged it on. "Oh no, it needs not the haste. I all saw". Dr. the voice of Jones was cold as the ice when it said these words condemning. William was shocked and Cynthia whirled towards their professor. "That"? the two asked at the same time, the total incredulity in their voice. "Oh, I saw it. It wrote for at least again ten seconds after I declared the examination to be on. It needs not the boredom to deliver it". William was held there, his mouth opens and its papers if with method fill shaking in his hand. This was the last day of the semester, and it needed this degree poorly! Cynthia rather was stunned. "Of ten seconds? Will you give for him a zero for ten seconds"? she incredulously asked. "Yes, I will do. There is so many papers to advance; I has not any problem the one refusing. And now you can go". Cynthia suffocated. "You use it as an excuse to have less than work? Of ten seconds? I cannot believe it! You are incapable to recall any name of any student that you teach, you cannot explain anything, and now you try to avoid the work for just of ten seconds"? Jones grumbled. "You surpass your borders, your young lady. This is not until you to judge my teaching or my methods. I do as I please. And now go out, before I give you one F to teach you the manners. I should not know your names; I already know it the one over of my battery belongs you"!

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