I Love My Younger Sister...

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Uploaded on August 03, 2008 by chikuhi

Anime:I love my younger sister
Song:Just So You Know
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What happens when you realised that you love your twin sibling more than just a family member? In this superb short anime, Yori has fallen in love with his twin sister, Iku. They are inseparable since young. So when Yori realised that love has bloomed in his heart, his attitude begins to change. He tries to stay away from Iku and allows another girl to enter his life. But that doesn't stop him from loving his sister.

A taboo story about incest love - this anime makes me wonder if I were in the shoes of one of them, would I be able to fall in love with my twins? Just the thought of it freaks me out. The idea is disgusting. I don't know how anyone could ever fall in love with their very own siblings.

The story continues with Iku forcing herself to do anything just to keep her big brother by her side. But does this means she can learn to love him as a man? Can she learn to love him as her lover? Find out for yourself in this 50 minutes film.

As for the twins character, each individual personality is well portrayed. Every response, emotion and action reflects human's nature making the story believable.

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