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Selfemployment Solution Center Adds Portal *******www.squidoo****/SESS and *******www.freewebs****/leadersc...
Selfemployment Solution Center Adds Portal *******www.squidoo****/SESS and *******www.freewebs****/leaderscare. I would like to announce an expansion on my business and that is my new Customer Service Portal in my squidoo lense along with my website. If you see that there is no content in my website, it is because I am currently collecting all Q&A data. Take the time to visit my lens by asking questions and rating my follow through on my lens's poll. I'm adding this portal, because to run an effective business, you need to become innovative and involved with your people. They are what make your business what it is today. To all of the leaders who are watching this video, keep this in mind. Your business is built on the interest of the people. With taking a step forward by creating a portal which allows the people to contact me directly and publicly, things will run more sufficiently thanks to their feedback. Any sole proprietor and leader in this industry should incorporate good and solid customer service for those who are seeking the right opportunity to work from home and build a business of their own. Who would they learn from if it weren't for us? Let's continue paving the path to financial freedom! A Quick Important Note: Today is Monday August 3rd. I will be leaving to visit my Grandmother who is in a nursing home for about a week. I will be returning on August 12th so that I can respond to you and your questions. Thanks for watching, Jennifer Korol Selfemployment Solution Center *******www.freewebs****/leaderscare