Bobbi Billard's World Tour: Haiti

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Hi my name is Bobbi Billard and I am a model and an actress. *******www.myspace****/bobbibillard This is ...
Hi my name is Bobbi Billard and I am a model and an actress. *******www.myspace****/bobbibillard This is a slideshow of photos from my recent trip to Haiti. Please read this important note from my friend Ika: First of all, I would like to let you guys know, that I am Haitian, I am one of Bobbi's best friends, and I am also to the one who took her to Haïti. She wanted to see where I come from, since I talk about it so much, but more importantly, she wanted to see the place where her parents met. Let's all be very clear: the only reason why any negative, unfounded and uneducated comment has made it to her page is because I have asked her to let them through. Why? Because I think it is important that other people get a chance to see and reply to such racist and hateful comments. To dannylove12345, first of all, I suggest you take LOVE out of your name and replace it with HATE and BITTERNESS, as these words are a better representation of who you are. I will not reply to your insults because in order to address you in terms you could understand, I would have to lower myself to your level of stupidity and ignorance, and frankly, I don't think I could if I tried. With that said, I do have 1 suggestion for you: keep your damn chickens. I can only imagine how disgusting and foul they must be if starving people will not touch them. Who knows, maybe you guys have made a major breakthrough in science, and you are now breeding chickens with rats. Haitians don't eat rats. So do keep and eat your chicken/rats. And of course; bon appetit. Now to caraiberoyal, where the hell do you get your facts? Yes some of the people in these pictures are Haitian Arabs; others are Haitian Canadians, Haitian Americans, Haitian French, and so forth... And whether you like it or not, we are all Haitians. Born and raised there. Furthermore, the people in these pictures, besides Bobbi and I, are my family and friends, and the houses you see, are for the most part, my parent's homes. Moreover, like in the US, the only "true" Haitians, would be the Native American Indians, as the rest of us were either imported or migrated there. And like in the US, it is not only those who fought for the independence of that country, who can call themselves true Americans. Those who leave their heart, blood, sweat and tears in a country, day in and day out, are also the true citizens on that country. The Arabs have been in Haiti since the beginning of the 20th century, and the reason why they make the majority of the rich people in Haïti, is because of their hard work and dedication. They do not "suck dry" the economy of Haïti. There probably would not be much of one at all if it was not for them. And moreover, they do employ and marry Haitians. What may have been true 1/2 + a century ago, is no longer a fact today. And lets not omit the fact that one of the reasons why they did not mix with the Haitians back then, is because they were themselves the target of racism from the Haitians. From where I stand, I think it is way past the time for ALL Haitians to start applying the words written on our flag: "L'UNION FAIT LA FORCE" (STRENGTH IN UNITY) and it is way past the time to start moving forward. Haïti is undoubtedly an extremely poor and politically unstable country. Nevertheless, as you can see from the pictures, it is also breathtakingly beautiful; and last but not least, it is artistically, culturally and historically one of the richest countries. For those of you who are interested in knowing what my background is... Let's just say I am as mixed as it gets.