Helping Your Kids Get the Most Out of Play


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Childhood as we know it is over and children of future generations could enter adulthood lacking vital life and social skills because of a lack of ‘free’ play, according to a study released by Persil.

The global report, which marks the launch of Persil’s Every Child Has The Right campaign, was conducted in conjunction with leading experts in youth development and highlights the erosion of childhood. The report found 85% of UK mums are concerned that children are growing up too quickly and 64% believe children are being deprived of childhood through lack of free play.

In response to this study, Persil is launching its Free Play Initiative 2008, a nationwide scheme aimed at helping parents find inspirational ways for their children to express themselves through imaginative, unstructured play. This culminates in the support of Playday, the national annual celebration of children’s right to play, on 6 August 2008.

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