Lewis and Clark Plus Sacagawea in Great Historical Film!

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This quaint historical film dramatizes the dramatic exploration of the American West by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark as they set out to map a route to the Pacific Ocean from the Mississippi River. Thanks to strong performances by the Lewis and Clark portrayers, the film works extremely well and is highly entertaining. The story starts with Lewis and Clark receiving their mission from President Thomas Jefferson, and starting out from the Mississippi River. Throughout the Lewis and Clark expedition, they encounter many obstacles. But eventually their trail leads them to North Dakota where they meet French trader Toussaint Charbonneau, whose wife is the famed Native American Sacajawea. They contract with Toussaint and his Sacajawea for guidance to the Pacific Coast. While traveling, Sacajawea's abuse at the hands of Toussaint is touched upon, but brushed off. This and other racist and prejudiced attitudes are ever present in the film. In fact, the film is a good record of the history of racism and racial stereotypes in the 1950's. The Lewis and Clark journey continues to the Rockies, and along the Columbia River. This fun historical film is packed with Lewis and Clark facts, as well as details about the Lewis and Clark map.

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