Piracy It's a Crime! Perhaps NOT SO????

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Uploaded on August 07, 2008 by GrumpyAlien

Why is it that every DVD we BUY, we have to be served with a warning for something WE DID NOT DO to begin with???

If you paid for it, then you AIN'T A PIRATE!

They say Piracy is bad. Well, the fact is because of Bittorrent users in the UK, and with a little help from Sky, Battlestar Galactica got a huge endorsement by word of mouth and lots of file sharing, and became one of the most viewed shows on American TV.

Perhaps the distribution model we have nowadays is out of sync with reality?

If you want to watch Penn & Teller's Bullshit! and you live in the United Kingdom, you're left no option but to download the show, or watch it online.

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