Online Free Piano Lessons & Tips Lesson 7

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Uploaded on August 07, 2008 by Sonnys Pianos

Online Piano Lesson & Tips (Free Videos) Lesson 7 Sonny’s Left Hand Chord Variations or Awakening The Left Hand Lesson. Here Sonny teaches a wide variety of creative techniques you can do with your left hand while playing songs. From octaves to arpeggios, from rolls to syncopation, from walking bass line and more.. Enjoy Sonny’s completely unique, relax and get into the flow approach to playing piano instantly, these lesson are unlike anything else on the internet. Emphasis is on breathing, relaxing and enjoying yourself and tapping into your musician within. See Sonny’s cutting edge lessons and piano website at for more lessons, PianoTV Shows, video tours of pianos for sale and people playing the piano, and a place where you can join the fun and upload your own piano videos.

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