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Following the outbreak of a terrifying, brain-disease inducing virus, a botched anti-viral program designed to stop mass panic turned millions into carriers, leading to a catastrophic collapse of the population. The dying victims wander desperate, confused, violent, or scared; always in the dark... until now.

With the cause of the outbreak and the fate of the wider world largely unknown to him, Daniel, a man desperate and recently bereaved, finds refuge in a crudely fortified but once-working farm in the Scottish countryside. In the face of evidence of recent life, and recent killings in the form of a mass grave, something is not quite right with Braehead Farm.

Unexpected company arrives in the form of a mysterious young girl, who claims the farm as her own. As Daniel struggles to come to terms with his new life, and keep a grip on his own fragile sanity, the mysteries surrounding the farm and its young inhabitant are revealed to run far deeper than he first thought. In a desperate world, true evil lurks in the most unexpected of places.

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