HWY 1 Pacific Adventure Travel Map. Wooden Ships, GT350.


Uploaded on August 10, 2008 by Bonnie Blue Bell

Calif. & the French Med. have some of the most beautiful coastlines that, God ever created.
This is a journey from San Diego to the Crescent City Lighthouse, & then on up to the Hecata Head Lighthouse in Oregon. Sail on The Lynx, The Californian, The HMS Surprise, The Lady Washington, The Curlew, The Spirit of Dana Point...From Monterey, We travel in a Red Hot GT350 & stay at the Lighthouse keeper's hostel in Mendocino & Pigeon Point. 5 Star accommodations on the House! Upcoming segments, through Monterey Peninsula, & up through the Redwoods, will be in a '67 GT500. The gas card's on me.
All aboard!

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