Bleeding! Not for Sqeamish! Super Glue Stops Bleeding & Protects

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Uploaded on August 11, 2008 by Night Flyer

For over 25 years, I have used Thick Superglue to stop the bleeding on my cuts. This is how I do it. I don't recommend this to anyone as I am just showing how I have done it to myself over the years. Some cuts can't be bandaged very well, due to location, like the finger or something you have to keep using, as you work. This allows me to keep working without a bandage.
I know there are super-glue liquid bandages on the market these days too, but I just use this method for my cuts, as it leaves no scars and works instantly.

SuperGlue History.

Cyanoacrylate was discovered by Harry Coover at Eastman Kodak during World War II when searching for a way to make plastic gun-sight lenses. It did not solve this problem, since it stuck to all the apparatus used to handle it. It was first marketed to industry as well as consumers in February 1955 as a product called "Flash Glue" which is still available today and now owned by Gary Shipko, president of Super Glue International, a United States based firm. It was patented in 1956 and developed into Eastman 910 adhesive in 1958. The new glue was demonstrated in 1959 on the television show I've Got a Secret when the host Garry Moore was lifted into the air by two steel plates held together with a drop of Eastman 910. Cyanoacrylates are now a family of adhesives based on similar chemistry.

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