Microsoft Points/XBL Generator

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Uploaded on August 11, 2008 by PERFEXZION

Only going to be given to the first *10* PINs.

To get your own Microsoft Point Generator, I made it cheap and easy to get. I had help making this Microsoft Point/ XBL Subscription Generator, and we decided to make it so the buyer just got a PIN, and Sent us the PIN and we activate their Gen. and Send it to them... The PIN is obtained through a Txt Message by use of a cell phone. You text our Phone System, and it is set to send you a text of the PIN instantly, with just the cost of the Text message.

Text Message INFO:
USA - Text: RS to 64337
UK - Text: RS to 82023

Again, it only costs for the Price of the txt message. So once you get the PIN, contact me and tell me the PIN # and I'll verify it (to make sure it was received through txt). Once i verify it, I will send you the Microsoft Point/ XBL Subscription Generator. The generator will be made so it will only work for the PIN Giver, set up to only work on his/her PC.

AIM = imodtoo kk

P.s. Sorry for the Blurry video

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