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Uploaded on August 13, 2008 by anne-hathaway

A scene from the movie Havoc.

Alison: Do you want anything?

Eric: No. Thank you, though.

Alison: Yeah.

Alison: We don't talk so much as leave clues for one another. I'm not a latchkey kid. I have latchkey parents.

Eric: So, uh, are your latchkey parents the reason you decided to join a gang?

Alison: Oh... poor little rich girl needs the gang as "mi familia" That's funny.

Eric: Someone once said friends are just God's way of apologizing for family.

Alison: How can I complain? If I say one word, it's, like "Look at your life. There are people starving in India."

Eric: There are people starving in Santa Monica, you know.

Alison: I thought they take them downtown to starve.

Eric: All I'm saying is, you know, that's not an excuse.

Alison: I'm not making excuses.

Eric: Hey, you don't have to get angry about it. I'm just interviewing you.

Alison: I'm not getting angry. Let me ask you something. Hypothetically, is it possible that all this is really about you being attracted to me?

Eric: Heh. Maybe. I don't know.

Alison: Oh, I think you do. You're a smart guy. You just don't know if I feel the same way, so you're playing hard-to-get in your guy way. It's so dishonest.

Eric: Have you noticed that when you get serious you stop talking all, you know, street and dope and shit?

Alison: Step, muthafucka! I'm kickin' it old school. A big shout-out to all of your Gs in the house! Yeah, dawg!

Eric: Heh.

Alison: Oh. Oh, but you don't like that all street and dope and shit. Oh, God. Um... OK. How's this? The Grateful Dead, dude. 1989, The Greek Theatre. Uhh ha ha. Oh, we had the kindest Humboldt. It... it... Mmm. I found God.

Eric: Heh.

Alison: I can be lots of people. I can be like you. Hmm. Gee, Dr. McConnelly, your position on cultural ethics is fascinating and really applies to the post-Clinton era in American politics. I... just... I just can't wait till I'm old enough to vote!

Eric: Allison do you want to be a different person?

Alison: Do you want to make love to me?

Eric: No, seriously, though. Isn't this what all the clothes and the talk you know, isn't that what it's all about? No, seriously.

Alison: Do you want to fuck me?

Eric: I'm just trying to get to know you here. And you're acting like a porn star.

Alison: Oh, God, my nipples are hard! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, my God, Eric. Eric, hooking up with you would feel so good. Ohh...

Eric: Do you ever take anything seriously?

Alison: How do you know I'm not taking this seriously? Ha ha!

Eric: Because this is a fucked-up power game.

Alison: Games are fun.

Eric: Could... could you cover up, please?

Alison: Well, that's great footage, huh? That'll really get the math team going.

Eric: Yeah. Thanks. You know...

Alison: What?

Eric: It's nothing.

Alison: No, Eric. What were you gonna say?

Eric: Come on, I don't want to hurt your feelings.

Alison: You're gonna hurt my feelings? Heh. Come on. Say it.

Eric: No, it's just... You're one of the loneliest people
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