Funny Kitty Song

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Uploaded on August 14, 2008 by MoreGirlsMoreFun

Funny Kitty Song
Hey Little Sparta aka The Mean Kitty Song

I got this little kitty about 2 months back,
He was the nicest little kitty now a pain in my crack.
This little kitty is ninja always stalking my feet.
This little kitty is a warrior you know what I mean.
He's an evil little kitty, look what he did to my hand.
Tries to get in trouble in any way that he can.
I can give this cat a toy but he'd rather have the wrapper.
When I always give him water but he still drinks from the crapper.
You could lock him in the closet and he just won't care.
Kitty chews on my shoes and he licks on my hair.
Always scratching on my favorite chair and jumping on the couch.
Playing in the windowsills and tearing through the house
He is so full of energy and easily amused.
Kitty will attack anything that moves,
Causing trouble, starting battles just so he can be a part of
He's the meanest little kitty so we named him Sparta.

Hey little Sparta what is with all the fight,
Little bitty kitty want to bite, bite, bite.

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