The Hidden Drama Behind the Real Osama


Uploaded on August 18, 2008 by ssaalltru2

Most American's don't really know how very 'BLACK' (Illegal & often thoroughly satanic) what's known as a 'BLACK-OP' soon becomes if they never have to ever finally tell the truth about-it... If you refuse to tell the truth about this it will soon-enough cause the deaths of many American's & large parts of the rest of the world as the half-hearted fools running it all keep raising the stakes to hide the treason & murder they've already committed already... There is an answer & a simple way to return to sanity & moral & spiritual normalcy & that is to get the Congress of the USA to create a 100% CONGRESSIONAL AMNESTY for anyone (At-any level of government or industry from cleaner to head weaner) giving full unlimited total-amnesty for anyone who simply tells the whole of the truth about being blackmailed politically... The very-same thing that was done to "VANSTONE" who took the place of Osama since the mid-80's (Pedophile Snuff-Movie blackmail...) has also been done to 'MANY' of those who are now serving both in Congress & in the Whitehouse & in government & media & it's been going-on since at-least the seventies... Please stop-them before they pull a 'WW3' using your US-Military after another homegrown terrorist strike blamed on Muslim's like 911 was... I-first overheard that plan being discussed among blackmailed CIA as-far back as the late 60's... If you wont show courage America then the whole world is lost because of your cowardice...

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