A Very Cool Deep Fractal Zoom to E214


Uploaded on August 25, 2008 by teamfresh fractals

download the 10 minute HD version here.


Plane at the start, explosions at the end - The pattern that the colours dance around as you zoom in to this fractal make your eyes turn to jelly and is just Frekin Crazy! HaHa! This is a CRACKING fractal zoom that has the colour cycling. This fractal is as psychedelic as ever! People that have taken hallucinogens say that they see fractal like visions when under the effects! There are thousands of different types of fractal. This one is called the Mandelbrot set. I find it to be the most beautiful of all fractals. Steeped in maths, this particular fractal magnification is nice and deep! 713 zooms! Thats a magnification of e214 If you took a single particle and magnified it until it was the size of the universe, the magnification would be e42! small fry to this zoom!!! What you are zooming into is in fact a graph of complex (infinite) numbers - in between 0 and 1! each pixel represents a number and each number is given a colour. final magnification 4.130e+214

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