GRN - Freedom - HOF Day Trip!

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*******www.GetPaidToVaca**** Canton, OH - GRN leader, Brian Davis, can thank Global Resorts for the freedom...
*******www.GetPaidToVaca**** Canton, OH - GRN leader, Brian Davis, can thank Global Resorts for the freedom to spend quality time with his son, Gavin, and best friend, Mickey, as he takes a day trip to Canton Ohio's Professional Football Hall Of Fame. (if you like this video please rate it!) Taking Brian from his hometown of Columbus, OH he visits Canton, Ohio's Professional Football Hall of Fame for a journey though the great sport's history. Come along as he takes a trip back through time from the late 1800's when football started in Pennsylvania through to Ohio and now to present day when it is popular all across the United States and many other countries around the globe. Just a few short months ago Brian was swamped and working many hours, often even on weekends, while he opperated his print advertising franchise. Being consumed by his business he had very miniscule amout of time to getaway or spend quality time with friends and family. Now Brian's GRN luxury travel membership home based business works for him by leveraging new automated 2.0 web technologies while he vacations at various destinations making him able to "vacation my way to creating the Freedom everyone wants and should have." Global Resorts Network provides Brian's business a product that is in high demand and has passed the test of time by being a leader in the travel industry for over 20 years. The Global Resorts private travel membership makes it possible for its members to enjoy the luxury of timeshare ownership without all the hastle and fees envolved. With one's membership they can pick from over 5000 four and five star resorts spanning the globe for mere pennies on the dollar. Prices for a full week stay at these luxury resorts add up to huge discounts ranging from only $298-$699/wk. Unforgetable family vacation memories are now available and possible for everyeone! In the past 8 weeks Brian's GRN home based business has made it possible for Davis to vacation in such destinations as Orlando, Florida and Niagara Falls, New York. To find out more about Global Resorts Network, call Brian directly at 614-205-1776