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Uploaded on August 29, 2008 by silviospheric

Filmmaker-composer Silvanus Slaughter (and "Sweet Piece" Southern novelist) has combined his composing and filmmaking skills to craft a 5 minute study of psychosexual distress which reflects on the effect of media in creating envy in spectators while also paying homage to some of his own favorite film stylists. "I do not craft music videos per se: I paid dues in Hollywood as a screewriter and struggling director for 12 years until I returned to North Carolina in 2000. I went bankrupt trying to mount my feature film "sweet piece"; oddly, I found music - loads of original music transversing all genres - in that despair, so I have returned to my filmmaking to craft a new sort of music film, the kind like "A Man and a Woman (Un Homme et une Femme)" that I grew up with as a child that imprinted in my young mind - the lyricism, the poetry of movement and original music."

Slaughter also crafts film scores in addition to his brand of pop-jazz, and hopes to get his 8 million dollar feature of "sweet piece" refinanced before the end of the decade while he tours to promote his cinematic brand of moody sophisto-pop. Times have been tough!

Total Budget: $10.00 for a bottle of wine for the actress. Shot on a JVC camera; edited on Sony Vegas.

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