Al-khalid Vs Arjun Tank

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Al-Khalid is designed with a 125mm (length: 48 calibers) smoothbore, auto-frettaged and chrome-plated gun b...
Al-Khalid is designed with a 125mm (length: 48 calibers) smoothbore, auto-frettaged and chrome-plated gun barrel which can fire APFSDS, HEAT-FS and HE-FS conventional ammunition and Russian-made 9M119 Refleks ATGM (AT-11 Sniper, also produced in China under licence). Al-Khalid is also one of the few tanks in the world that use DU rounds. The DU round used by Al-Khalid is the indigenous Pakistani made Niaza 125mm DU round (armor penetration: 550 mm at 2 km). Al-Khalid is equipped with a muzzle reference system and dual-axis stabilization. Elevation and azimuth control is achieved by electro-hydraulic power drives. The automatic ammunition-handling system for the main gun has a 24-round ready-to-fire magazine and can load and fire at a rate of eight rounds per minute.[6]The tank is also equipped with a 7.62mm-coaxial machine gun, a 12.7mm externally-mounted air-defence machine gun that can be fired with the hatch closed, and smoke grenade launchers.Prototypes have been demonstrated with various fire-control systems of Chinese and western origin.The gunner is provided with a dual magnification day sight and the commander with a panoramic sight for all-around independent surveillance. Both sights are dual-axis image stabilized and have independent laser range-finders. The commander has the ability to acquire a target independently while the gunner is engaging another one. The automatic target-tracking system is designed to work when tank and target are both moving. Night vision for the gunner and commander is achieved through a dual-magnification thermal imaging sight. Both sights are integrated with the fire-control system.[6] The production Al-Khalid tank has a fire-control system of western origin. In the MBT 2000, the Chinese Norinco fire-control system has inputs from ten sensors. The ballistic computation time is less than one second. The manufacturer claims routine first round hits on standard 8 ft (2.4 m) square targets at ranges over 2,000 meters.Effective range: 200 m to 5,000 mSensor: laser ranging from 200 m to 9,990 mAuto-tracking, firing four types of munitions, gunner's thermal imaging sight, commander's image intensification night vision sight, gyro-stabilized and UPS power supply system.The Al-Khalid is equipped with the ATCOP LTS 1 laser threat warner developed by Institute of Industrial Control Systems.[7]The LTS 1 laser threat warner consists of two key elements, the mast-mounted sensor and the operator's control box complete with 360 display. According to ATCOP, the LTS 1 laser threat warner can detect not only laser rangefinders but also laser target designators. It responds to all current laser sources in the field environment and if required can also be coupled with acoustic alarms as well as smoke generators and other countermeasure systems. The LTS 1 laser threat warner can detect laser devices operating in the 0.8 to 1.06 m waveband and has a 360 field of view azimuth (resolution of 15) with a field of view in elevation of -15 to +90. Operating voltage is 12 V or 24 V DC nominal with power consumption being 8 W nominal. The sensor head is 165 mm in diameter and 35 mm high while the control box is 80 x 130 x 55 mm in size.