Robin #176 -

By: shazap

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Uploaded on September 03, 2008 by shazap

Welcome back zappers, Im Devin Curry with Your online video source for comic book news and reviews. Follow me on Twitter at This story arch is so good. We’ve got action and intrigue and detective work. This is a great story and it is really showcasing everything that makes Robin great. He’s strategizing and playing the game. I wasn’t sure last issue why they were showing us the part of 52 when Batman goes into the cave except to show us where Batman’s craziness may have begun but a new reason appeared this issue. Robin is telling us when he dropped the boy wonder title and became his own man. He developed the new suit, became a bit darker and started to develop intimidation as one of his weapons. In a way, working with Nightwing and no Batman around he started imagine the scenario that is now unfolding in front of him, of a Gotham without Batman. There is a line where Robin really shows who he is becoming when Officer Harper asks if an out of control batman is too dangerous for the police, isn’t he too dangerous for Robin and he simply answers “no”. Tim Drake is the first Robin that you actually believe has the potential to be better than Batman. The question is, when will he need to be.

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