The Miracle of Allah in Kailolo, Sulawesi, Indonesia

By: tectwa

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Uploaded on September 08, 2008 by tectwa

During a construction of a mosque in Kailolo, Sulawesi, Indonesia. A miracle happened. The "Kubah" (roof top of the mosque tower) flown by itself, and placed itself correctly on the top of the mosque tower. I don't know exactly when this happened, but from the information that I got, this happened around late January - early February 2008, in broad daylight, and in front of hundreds of people who fell in hysteria and praised the name of Allah. I didn't shot the video by myself, I got it from friends of mine (Mr. Asnan), who also got it from other sources. I don't know who actually shot it, I think the video has been around and transferred from one mobile phone to another. Anyways, it's still an amazing event.

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