Auto-Tune Tutorial / How To Get T Pain Effect (Windows)

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Uploaded on September 08, 2008 by jesesc6

Autotune Tutorial Video. Autotune is a program which adjusts your pitch when your out of tune. So basically with autotune, anyone can sing. T-Pain Effect =D - Samples By Me . And Song By KC and Buccs.

Text Settings Code
MetaCafe Messed with the Quality so if you can't see at all:

Do this :

Key - C
Scale - Major

Retune - 0
Tracking - 67

Rate - 0.1
Variation - 0
Onset Delay - 0
Onset Rate - 0
Pitch - 0
Amplitude - 30
Formant - 100

For Auto-Tune 5 , You will see Tracking in The Upper Options Button when you click it.
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