Carbon Copy Pro Vs. Global Resorts Network

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Uploaded on September 12, 2008 by topglobalmentor There is certainly an abundance of programs available for making money online today. The hard part is weeding out the scams and all of the hype and finding the one that will truly make you a ton of money. Not all Internet marketing programs are created equal in terms of their potential for profit. We will look at two programs here: Global Resorts Network and Carbon Copy Pro, the marketing feeder program for Wealth Masters International. While both Global Resorts Network and Carbon Copy Pro (many times referred to as carboncopypro) have the same goal of making money online, there are many significant differences.

Carbon Copy Pro (carboncopypro) is a marketing system that sells the Wealth Masters International Program. This program is a financial and personal development program. The program is very expensive, and most folks cannot afford the investment that is expected with the Wealth Masters International Program and Carbon Copy Pro. While the Wealth Masters International Program may have some merit as a mentoring program, there are numerous fees charged by Carbon Copy Pro (carboncopypro) and Wealth Masters International that aren’t expected when you sign up for the program. If you are working with Carbon Copy Pro to sell the Wealth Masters International Program, you might find that more difficult than you bargained for.

Now let’s take a look at Global Resorts Network. Unlike Carbon Copy Pro (carboncopypro), the investment required to join Global Resorts Network is substantially less. This initial investment into Global Resorts Network gives you all the access to the Global Resorts Network back office and you can begin selling the product right away. It also means that you are an active member in Global Resorts Network travel club so you can begin saving money on your own vacations with discounts at more than 6000 luxury resorts around the globe. The business opportunity offered by Global Resorts Network differs from the Wealth Masters International Program because the Global Resorts Network travel club actually costs less than many other similar programs, while the Wealth Masters International Program marketed through Carbon Copy Pro actually costs more.

The other difference is that the Global Resorts Network luxury resorts travel club membership is actually a tried and true product that has been marketed through other methods for the past two decades. The Wealth Masters International Program, by comparison, is a relatively new product being marketed through Carbon Copy Pro (carboncopypro) that hasn’t proven its worth to many just yet. It’s no wonder that Carbon Copy Pro focuses on the process rather than the product. Many who sign up at Carbon Copy Pro (carboncopypro) do so because they are taken with the multi-level marketing opportunity, not because they believe in the product. At Global Resorts Network, members can enjoy substantial profits with a proven business opportunity while selling a product that people actually want to buy.

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