M.O.R Vacations Life Time Membership for $198


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Wholesale travel can be fun with MOR Vacations according to travel much hype surrounding MOR Vacations LLC. The network marketing company is located at 9 South Brown Street in Rhinelander Wisconsin in the north woods of North Central Wisconsin. MOR Vacations began pre-launch activities in August 2008 and is quickly growing. MOR Vacations gained immediate respectability based on the success of some of the people associated with them. President Jon King and his team at Digital Media Specialists have developed complex software for the United States Navy and for many network marketing organizations that required reliable systems that would get affiliates paid correctly and on time. John King is well known among insiders in the network marketing industry. Johnny Bolton joined MOR Vacations LLC after a long career in network marketing. From 2006 until recently Johnny Bolton was an integral part of the growth at Global Resorts Network as he served as conference call host. Until accepting his position with MOR Vacations, he was known as the voice of GRN. Home based travel home based travel business industry and also coordinated training for the largest and most successful group in is in the pre-launch stage of what many insiders say is an exciting business model and opportunity for those who get on board. While new to network marketing, the travel membership behind {MOR Vacations} is supplied by a company established in 1982 and the product has been offered for sale since 1985. Prior to August 2008, another home based travel business offering a similar product is said to have dominated this travel segment. The pre-launch of MOR Vacations quickly eroded that company's market share. Some affiliates responded to the sharp decline in business with lies and started unfounded rumors. Those affiliates attempted to scare people away from MOR Vacations. They reportedly have implied that MOR Vacations is a scam and are said to have told some that scam artists and shady individuals are behind

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