300 Gram Black Powder Bomb

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Uploaded on September 14, 2008 by javi123626

I made 300 grams homemade Black powder (bp bomb) bomb and put it all in the biggest gatorade bottle made, it seemed to be a 2 liter gatorade bottle, then i taped it up like crazy with masking tape and duct tape.

I am working on getting the materials to make 10 pounds of Black powder, currently i am making this powder completely by hand and would be much faster with some machinery. It will be detinated in a safe location, obviously wont be safe on the streets where i live because the explosion will probly catch someones house on fire.
When i do make it, it will be electric triggered and i will put some kick ass music on the video and parts of while i am making the bomb. I am guessing the 5 gallon container will be wrapped in like 100+ layers of masking / duct / any kinda fucken tape i can get my hands on to make the explosion as big as possible.

Thank you for watching.

Music: The Wicker Man - Iron Maiden

This video contained music by Iron maiden - The wicker man
... I love the song The Wicker Man , from Iron Maiden
Iron maiden plays really facinating music, ... The wicker man

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