Broken Rainbow – Directed by Chia Chien Mai

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Uploaded on October 06, 2008 by metafest

Cut-out style 2D computer animation telling a story about freedom, constraint and death.
A melancholy lamb was caged in the zoo literally dying for freedom outside. In order to finish his suffering and gain freedom, he tried to break the cage. However, he doesn't know something behind the door is waiting for him.

Director Biography
Chia-Chien Mai: Animator, Director, Manager, Print Shipper, Producer

Chia-Chien Mai was born and grew up in Taiwan. She started her creative life with graphic design and felt in love with telling story just by still images while study in Ming Chuan University in Taiwan. After graduated, she moved to New York to study MFA computer Art department at the School of Visual Arts. She found her interests in activating her graphic design by adding elements of time and sound. Now she devoted herself into motion graphic and animation. Influenced by eastern and western culture, her work is a fusion of different styles of visualization.
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