I Speak Woman - Carlton Mid Commercial

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Uploaded on September 16, 2008 by satsukidabesa

A beer brand with a history of great advertising that needed a refresh. It was simple; talk to blokes with real world responsibilities like a mortgage, kids and a relationship, who really just wants to have it all –including some decent time with their mates. The idea is that Carlton MID could give them this “mate time”; yes that magical and often elusive time for one more beer. It’s familiar stoush in the battle of the sexes. The end result is a campaign about men with extraordinary powers. Powers that won’t save the planet, or even a life but maybe, just maybe they can help a mate stay for one more beer. Bullock adds, “In a sense, these ads offer wish fulfilment. Every bloke would love to have a miraculous solution to these age-old problems.”

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