FISICA Polpi Alla Deriva OCTOPIA

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Uploaded on September 18, 2008 by polpifritti

The story of two documentarists spent traveling on the mission of life, facing a terrible and heartbreaking secret.
The big issues of man faced with irony, surrealism, craziness, experimentalism and enchanted disenchantment. Philosophy, history, ethics, communication, tits-and-ass-that-there-are-never-bad, bees and sea water.
Born the docu-drama.
Good vision.
PS: To understand the meaning of history, we must follow all the episodes ...
In art there are always two levels of reading things. The first is more superficial and for all, but others do not..For further information look at other movies on you tube or other video servers

Cinema, Short, Corto, Docu-drama, Docu-fiction, Phisics, Fisica, Fried, Fritti, Ironico, Italian, Italiano, Octopia, Octopus, Polpi, Polpifritti, Esperimental, Sperimentale, Unreal, Surreale, Comedy, Art & Animation
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