Urban Assassins: 'Tricking' 540 Kick Tutorial

By: b3b3l

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Uploaded on September 23, 2008 by b3b3l

READ THIS!!! This is a Tricking 540 Kick tutorial. Many people keep confusing the TKD 540 and the Tricking 540 with each other and I'm getting really sick of it so I thought of writing this description. So if you want to learn the 540 Kick and you're watching this tutorial, know this: - There is difference between a Tricking 540 and a TKD 540 and this is a Tricking 540 kick tutorial! - In a Tricking 540 you jump off your kicking legg, kick with your kicking legg and you also land on your kicking legg! So in Tricking it's all about the kick, degrees don't really matter to most of us (Tricksters). Just like JuijiMufu I think degrees is just fluff. But that's just my opinion ;) - I know the setup was kinda crappy, but it worked for me when I just learned the trick. That running setup gave me more blocking and so more height to kick my kicking legg over my non-kicking legg. Now I can do it without the running and even higher than back then. So if you don't like the running thing then don't do it. If I do it it doesn't mean you have to do exactly thesame thing ;) - One more thing: I'm just trying to help out the peeps here who DO want to learn this trick so don't bother me with your stupid comments if you don't like the tutorial. I couldn't care less what you think. Also and this goes for all of you out there who don't know anything about Tricking: Stop posting stupid comments if you don't know anything about Tricking! Besides I can do my 540 way better now so I'll be uploading a new 540 tutorial soon. Check out more tutorials at:
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