Time Tree Echos, Equilibrium, and The Obama AntiChrist? Pt.1


Uploaded on September 22, 2008 by metaman1

If the very nature of time is cyclical ~ Then how can one differentiate between possible outcomes? Would they not flicker at a rate of speed so fast that the tiniest of thoughts could create a completely different reality?

A Butterfly that flaps it's wings may indeed cause a hurricane to form on the opposite side of the world. There is a strange play of polarity between fact and fiction ~ Can you tell the difference? Through magickal practice of the highest order within the "League of Shadows," I sit back in awe as they create the 3rd and final Antichrist Obama ~ That not only Vindicates the faith of the planet's most popular religion, but also paves the way for complete and udder chaos; Which in turn ~ Finds it's way back to an equilibrium. A Math equation that is constantly balancing. A new Pythagorean Era has arrived.

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