How to Make Acetone Peroxide (safe Way)

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First a warning: This chemical is UNSTABLE and should under no circumstances be made by people without experience in this field! I take no responsibility if someone blows of bodyparts or kill themselves or others during the production of this. Avoid static electricity in the vicinity of the drug. As state it is incredible unstable, and it is easily set off. Friction is also lethal here. Think this way: When you hold AP your holding your own life in your hands, do not lose it. It is not good for your health so toxicological seen either, so try not to eat / sniff it. Use gloves when you handle the AP. You need: Acetone Acid: I use 30% HCl Hydrogen peroxide (30%): bowl stirring stick preferably glass, not metal Salt-ice bath / ice bath Thermometer Filter (coffee filter works nice) Drop counter / pipette in glass. Sodium Bicarbonate (To neutralise the finished product) I'm not going to go to the chemical theory here. If you want to make this, i expect you already gotten into this. If not, stop reading exactly ... HERE! This procedure will, as far as I recall, get approximately 13 grams of finished goods. I would advise you to make a smaller amount if it is the first time, in order to be properly acquainted with the substance. This can easily be done by dividing, for example, everything in the synthesis by 2, so that the amount is halved. It's a good idea to experiment with SMALL amounts before you start to burst, become familiar with it. Test with a hammer, friction, shock, etc. In this way, you learn to deal with it. Acetone 50ml, 30ml H2O2 and 7.5 mL of HCl. first time?: 25 ml Acetone, 15 ml H2O2 and 3.75 ml of HCL If you want to keep it for a long time, it is recommended to keep it under water. Pull also plastic foil over before you put on a lid, so we are yet more secure from recrystallization. It withstands the face a few weeks, but it is recommend to use it soon after it is finished. We dont want to have unstable primary explosives standing, we will? If you want more stability and power, mixes it with ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3). You can use almost any relations you want. Personally, I use a virtually oxygen balanced mixture of 12% AP 88% AN, and apply a (fire sensitive) 50-50 mix AP / AN as detonators. granulate the AN well before mixing with the AP. I'm using mortar, but ?coffee granulater? should work too. This is important; the finer AN are, the better it is.
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