3d Animation Short "Bugs' Race"

By: eldroo

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Uploaded on September 24, 2008 by eldroo

Bug's Race - 3d animation short done by a pair of Polish students from PJWSTK - Ania Jurkiewicz and Andrzej Ellert.
Film was inspired by 3d animated movies like Pixar's Bug's Life, Finding Nemo, and Dreamworks' Shrek or Madagascar.
It tells a story of a race for domination over the meadow. Funny gags and fast action. The main characters - the spider, the snail, the beetles and the ants do everything to eliminate their oponents. Who will win the race? See for yourself!
The film was created using Autodesk Maya.
See more on official site: http://www.bugsracemovie.com

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