Ann Coulter & Pat Caddell on H&C

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Uploaded on September 27, 2008 by MsUnderestimated

Tonight on H&C Ann Coulter and Pat Caddell were on to discuss this sham bailout that's looming, as well as the impact on the respective Obama & McCain camps. I find it hard to believe that Pat is a Democrat, because even he sees how important and significant it was for McCain to do what he did this week by going back to work. Heck, he even corrects Alan when he says that McCain is still campaigning, so he didn't "really" suspend his campaign. Caddell correctly reminds Alan that airtime is bought and planned long in advance of ads, so Alan is a toad for spewing this garbage. Do you think any candidate could/would say "hey, TV guys... I know we paid for these ads 6 months ago, but can you please replace them TONIGHT?" Alan is a douche and Caddell correctly flushed him.

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