How to Get Rid of the Shortcut Arrow

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Uploaded on September 27, 2008 by Desman3000s_PcS

This tutorial will show you how to remove the shortcut arrow on your pc. This makes the desktop look nice and have a glossy-er feel to it. Here are the written steps:

1. go to google and search "tweak UI"
2. click on the first result.
3. download the .exe corresponding to your system.
4. install the .exe
5. go to "All Programs" on the start menu and find "Powertoys for Windows XP"
6. open "Tweak UI"
7. go the the "Explorer" menu and click the "Shortcuts" submenu.
8. dot the circle that applies to you and click apply.
9. enjoy your sleek desktop and windows explorer menus.

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