Bullet Time Rain

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Uploaded on September 30, 2008 by same2you

So we are in the hills of the Poconos. It starts to rain really heavy. Our whole day is shot and there is nothing to do. Then I remember the scene from the Matrix Revolutions. The one where they fight in the rain and when time is slowed down, all the fast pouring water seems to slow down really well. Then I thought, hmmmmm, I can do this now without CGI and thats what I did. Rain coming down so fast that it is impossible to see each drop with the naked eye........

Rain, Water, Weather, Slow-motion, Slow Motion, Bullet Time, Exilim, Ex-f1, Casio, 300 Fps, Beauty, Matrix, Monsoon, Thunderstorm, Effects, FX, Trees, Green, Entertainment, Art & Animation
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