(High Quality) Eric Smiths Hit On Anquan Boldin


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Cardinals WR Anquan Boldin was taken off the field on a stretcher after a scary collision, but was moving all his extremities on the field.

Boldin was talking to his teammates coming off the field and going into the locker room. He was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in New York for precautionary reasons.

Hes alert, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt said. Hes talking and moving all his extremities. He asked to get up and the doctors wont let him.

Late in the fourth quarter, Boldin went airborne attempting to catch a touchdown pass, but was hit from behind from Jets FS Kerry Rhodes, causing his head to snap forward, and then — almost simultaneously — was hit in the front by SS Eric Smith and Boldins head snapped backwards.

Both Boldin and Smith were on the ground for a while. Smith eventually got up, but Boldin stayed down not moving, as both teams gathered in a circle close by. Boldin eventually had his head immobilized, was put on a stretcher and taken off the field.

9/29/2008 Update: Safety Eric Smith of the New York Jets has been suspended for one game and fined $50,000 for a flagrant violation of player safety rules

Boldin was resting at home on Monday, one day after being carted off the field in the Cardinals' 56-35 loss to the Jets in New Jersey.

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