Bill Maher Attacks Religion on The View

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Uploaded on October 03, 2008 by MsUnderestimated

Yesterday on the View, Bill Maher was on to promote his new movie, Religulous, but it became very quickly apparent that he was there for more than that. Joy asked him if he wanted to "start," and as the conversation (read = attack) immediately started in on religion with Sherry and Elisabeth about Christianity and their beliefs. He called religion an "opinion," and even said that the reason America is extremely religious is because we are "young and dumb" as a nation.

According to Maher, "Faith means lack of critical thinking," and he tells Sherry Sheppard that if she thinks God talks to her, she should be in Bellevue (Psychiatric Hospital). I don't think Maher made any friends today on the show, but he's not really well known for that anyway.

Oh, and religion is not his only target; he goes after Sarah Palin, as well.

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