How 2 Make Music Videos #1 W/ Green Screen + ChromaKey

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Uploaded on October 02, 2008 by Frank-n-Nicole

How 2 Make Music Videos #1 w/ Green Screen + ChromaKey
Hi! my name is Sam. I am The Karaokeman of YouTube and I want to teach you how to make your own music videos cheap and easy.
I have been making YouTube videos for a while now, and first learned these tips and tricks by watching Mark Apsolon videos, but Mark is a salesman trying to steer you toward specific products, I am not. i want to show you how to make great music videos by using items available to you for little or no money! The internet is a great place to find the tools to make your dreams as a musician become a reality, and i will show you EVERYTHING that I have learned in the last 3 years of watching, and making YouTube videos.
Instruction will include: software, lighting, making music, writing songs, mixing sound, special effects, where to find cool backgrounds or BG's for FREE on the internet, and most important, how to game the YouTube system to put yourself in, and at the top of the YouTube charts.
If you like the FREE instruction you receive, please make a sock puppet account and use it to SUBSCRIBE to this channel.
Thank you in advance for helping me make you a STAR on YouTube!

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