Introduction: Undeniable Orb Interactions

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Uploaded on October 03, 2008 by Water Hawk

Oct 3, 2008.---Introduction to a new orb research video series. Anyone can become an orb researcher and in this introduction I show you how. What are orbs? How do they operate or survive? As an orb researcher, or anyone else, that is for you to decide. We are not here to make anyone believe in orbs, but we continue to research them. --- Please support public orb research by donating $9.00 or more, and receive a one of a kind "2009 Orb Species Calendar". Created from the best of our orb pictures this unique one year calendar gives you the most fascinating pictures of orbs!---You can frame it and hang it on your wal, or place it in a photo album. Makes a wonderfu conversational piece.--- For each calendar sold about $3-$4.00 US will be made for orb research funding.---All of which helps pay for internet services, camera batteries, fuel to drive, or taxi, to other places for orb research, better recording equiptment and other orb research related items. -- Email --- -- *Be sure to put "Orb Calendar" in the subject line of your email or it may be deleted as spam. Pay Pal is the more secure way, which is what I use. Thank you for your support.

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