Optimizing Parent-Teacher Conferences: Mom Matters #31


Uploaded on October 04, 2008 by mommatters

Parent-teacher conferences can be very stressful for both sides. Whether your child is an exceptional student or one of special needs, finding agreement with your child’s teacher about your child’s capabilities and needs is often difficult. Nationally recognized and awarded principal, Robin Welch, will share some inside tips on how to take advantage of the parent-teacher conference to really learn and positively influence your child’s educational experience. Robin will discuss how parents can be helpful and not overbearing to often intimidated and overworked teachers. He’ll help you be more prepared and get more out of these meetings and the information will benefit you any time you have the opportunity to interact with your child’s teacher. Mom Matters is 10 easy to watch anytime minutes of practical advice for more productive parenting. Visit us at www.mom-matters.com

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