Love & Kiss-scenes from Dean's Movies Part 1

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Uploaded on August 04, 2008 by mohannad1234

This is the first part from the love & kiss-scenes from Dean's movies.

The movies from this video are:

Ace of Hearts
Dark Descent
Final Approach
I do, but I don't
Making Mr. Right

I dedicated this video to one of my best friends Alex(MarcelsAngel). If you hadn't been, I couldn't have produced this video with this song. Thanks sooooo much my Sweetie for your help!!!

The Music is from Enrique Iglesias & Whitney Houston. The song called "Could I have this kiss".

Feedbacks are very welcome!!!
This selfproduced video is defeated by my copyright. Every duplication, as well as copies etc. aren't permitted. The material of this video isn't mine.

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