WTF? Disc UFO - a MUST See!

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Uploaded on October 09, 2008 by penyulily

Out of Italy, and it does seem to be a good one..

I thank my new found friend for the translation of this video..
Male Voice: Hey!

Female Voice: Yeah honey?

Male Voice: It's there.

Female Voice: It is?

Male Voice: Yeah, the ones of last year...

Female Voice: Nooo... It's wonderful!

Male Voice: Shhh... Be quiet, easy...

Female Voice: Take some landmarks!

Male Voice: Ehh... Landmarks my ass... landmarks... Be quiet, wait... here... wait... look! ... watch it's closer, hurry!

Female Voice: Noo, how big is it?

Male Voice: Hurry, call grandma, quick. HURRY!

Female Voice: Yeah yeah, I'm going!

Male Voice: It goes away! sh*t! It goes away! It goes away! It goes away!

If you would like to join in the discussion of this craft at The Book of THoTH, you can find it taking place here.

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