Redondo Beach Bands; 22nd Street / Greenhouse Effect Mixtape 200

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Uploaded on October 11, 2008 by Gregbro

Redondo Beach Music Songs; Greenhouse Effect "22nd Street"; This song comes from 1991's Going Legit album but it sounds so great in 2008 as it gets massive views in Google Search engines for G.e. This is easily one of the best G.e. songs if not the absolute best,..standing up to BRANDY, White Black Thang, Number One, and the Magic Man with ease.
Clark Hagins and Rick Carmody wrote this track at '251' in Redondo Beach (Hagins' house) in the famous 'garage' where most G.e. songs were dreamed up.......
Hagins and Carmody got their start in music long long ago ...originally using a tape recorder to record themselves writing crude songs using a bunch of bicycle seats as a 'drum set" and fashioning old stereos into crude ampliphyers way back as early as 1982 and 83'...
Says Hagins; "When you used a drum stick to hit the bike seat of a derailor, it sounded really solid with like this good bass on it...and when we recorded it, we would just get like awesome was like; 'thud' but with power...", 'then we added some guitar and vocals to it...'

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