Here's a Real Man From the WWII Band of Brothers!

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SHOULDN'T WE HONOR OUR VETERANS? INTRODUCING STAFF SERGEANT DARREL "SHIFTY" POWERS from the WWII movie "Band of Brothers" based on the non-fiction book by Steven Ambrose, with executive producers Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. Shifty's Company E ("Easy Company") of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, U.S. 101st Airborne Division, was unarguably the best company of the 2nd battalion. Throughout the European campaign, Easy Company participated in many of the major battles of the war, including a key task during D-Day eliminating 4 German 105mm cannons aimed at Utah Beach. Also, Easy Company spearheaded the Allied offensive by landing in Normandy; it participated in Operation Market Garden and the Battle of Bastogne; it held the line at the Battle of the Bulge when the 101st Airborne was surrounded and cut off by Germans; and it was the first company to enter Berchesgaden and Hitler's famous "Eagle's Nest. THANK YOU FOR OUR FREEDOM, SHIFTY! God bless all the VETERANS around the world. And thanks to Brandon Meade for the introduction and for Tiffany Yates and my sweet bride Patricia joining in with us. -------------------------------------------- MUSIC BY MICHAEL KEN AT MYSPACE: file&friendid=152372708 Incidental Band of Brothers music from the television set at Shifty's house. ------------------------------------------- Invite YouTube to have a video honoring our veterans on November 11th. ------------------------------------------- A true war story Shifty told me - not in the movie: "In Holland, Lt. Shames gave Easy Company an assignment for a night maneuver. He said to me, 'Sergeant, you take your squad, machine guns, go out to this place and set up a roadblock. There's been a report of Germans coming through there. So I got the guys after dark and we got out there where we were supposed to be and set up the machine guns. We set there all night long waiting on Germans, but they didn't come. It started to get light and we didn't want to go back to the command post or get on the radio. There was this little house over in a field and we thought we'd spend the day there resting and then head back to the CP at nightfall. So I go into house to check it out and tell the others to wait on the porch. I found six of American soldiers sleeping in the basement. I went back out to the porch and told them to come on in -- it looked safe. We were all so tired being up all day and all night that we just slept. Nobody talked. We didn't say anything to the other soldiers and they didn't say anything to us. Then when it was dark, we loaded up and went back to the CP. Now, days later, we find out those Germans we were looking for had dressed up in American uniforms. Then I remembered that I didn't ask them what outfit they were with and they didn't ask us. We just assumed they were Americans and it worked out that we didn't shoot at each other that day." - Shifty Powers -------------------------------------------